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Barrilux means advanced technology and flexibility. It is a complete ceiling system custom made to perfectly fit the designated area. This high quality product meets the most demanding technical requirements. You can give your Barrilux ceiling shape, design, texture and colour.

This unique and stylish solution is the perfect answer to all kinds of construction and renovation projects. It can easily be removed and reinstalled. Our team of expert designers and technicians will make sure you fully take advantage of the possibilities we offer.

Barrilux smooth and non porous materials guarantee water resistant, non toxic and fibre free ceilings. The ideal solution for hospitals, meets sanitary requirements, anti-bacterial and anti fungal.

Our flexible and durable material ensure perfect resistance to strain and impact. PVC stretched ceilings are classified class 0 in UK and class 1 in Canada and USA. These are self extinguishing with no flame propogation and no dripping. Barrilux means quick, dry and clean installation. No painting or maintenance is necessary and can easily be dismantled and reinstalled. Barrilux ceilings keep those fresh looks over the years.

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